Workshop 3

Our branding seminar was very insightful for me as this is an area which greatly interests me. In a group we were given Brian Cox to research, a pop artist turned physicist who is a professor of particle physics in the school of physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester.   Our objective was to turn Brian Cox into a brand which has a connection to the fashion world.  As a group we struggled at first, as Professor Cox has no affiliation to the fashion industry. Eventually reaching an idea we were all excited about, which was to have Brian Cox collaborate with Vans. The plan is to create a skate park in his home town of Oldham which will have space icons and physics equations as graffiti on the ramps. We are going to organise a meet and great so Brian Cox is able to speak about the collaboration and have pop of stores all over the country, of the products designed by Professor Cox and made by Vans. Upon the completion of the skateboard ramp, the Brian Cox x Vans launch will be held at the site, attracting science lovers from everywhere.  I learnt branding goes way beyond a logo but it promotes recognition; Branding helps you stay focused and create clarity.  In the upcoming weeks we will be developing this idea in hopes of succeeding and taking our idea even further.