Today was the Assessment Centre at the Etihad Stadium, which was a day filled of valuable experiences. From a group assignment to a 1 to 1 interview and a presentation. 

We were to conduct a SWOT analysis prior to the day, of Kinfolk and one magazine out of the Hearst corporation. I chose Cosmopolitan and spoke about the differences between the two and and whether or not lifestyle magazines would work for both a UK and global audience. I produced a magazine as I wanted to present my work in a creative and aesthetically pleasing manner. 

The feedback I received, praised my layout and stated that I had a good conclusion, I was well prepared and researched. As for my interview I was told my answers were developed and I successfully linked my previous experience to the requirements of the job I was applying to. For the group task we were to create a feature in a Hearst publication for one of the new trends for Spring / Summer 2019, my feedback was that I understood the brief well, made sensible decisions, included others and encouraged creative thinking. Overall I felt the day was a success and I will take the feedback I received and apply it to future placement interviews.