Workshop 6

Our workshop in week 6 was based on the branding project we produced in workshop 3, we were to develop the idea we came up with based on Brian Cox and give the brand a ‘spirit’ by making it different to anything else out there. Our further development allowed us to design a shoe range that would be sold at the pop up stores on discount, prior to the official release. While our idea exceeded our expectations we were not satisfied  with the brand we had created as there was definitely room for improvement. Brian Cox is the face of physics and has played an instrumental part in drawing in the younger audience, with the ability to demonstrate that, the traditional nerdy subject of physics, is actually quite cool. We felt as though the brand we created for him did not represent what this exceptionally intelligent professor, has to offer. From this experience I learnt that it it vital to understand your intended consumer as branding emotionally connects your targets prospects with your products.