Workshop 4

In workshop four we created a brand from scratch “Furno” a faux fur brand that is promoted towards young women to enforce power and the importance of looking after the world, one coat at a time. Creating a video campaign for the brand allowed us to show that faux fur is versatile and that there is no need to continue harming animals for their fur, which I strongly believe is unethical and archaic especially when there are materials out there which can create faux fur.  Our idea had been well thought out and our political message was strong, however the way that the video portrayed our brand identity was not how we had envisioned when planning the fashion film. Due to the location and the fact we were only promoting one coat in the video, the overall message was not as powerful as we expected it to be. I now have a clear understanding of how important it is to align a brand with their aim in order for a campaign to be successful.