studio photoshoots

As a group we decided to complete two more photoshoots, upon being inspired from the styling and photography workshops. I looked at upcoming trend forecasts on WGSN, looking out for a theme that could resemble the vision we had in mind. To truly grasp the many concepts that we had thought of we decided on two different trends: Spring / Summer 2020: Empower Up! and Spring / Summer 2020: Code Create. 


The Spring / Summer 2020: Code Create trend focuses on the marriage of science, technology and nature. Exploring user friendly tailoring to allow for a less bespoke fit. The colour palette is versatile with tones that are linked in with nature and others which are extremely saturated. This lead us to picking out wide leg trousers, loose fitting suits and contrasting colours. 


As for the Spring / Summer 2020: Empower Up! forecast we decided for football shirts to be the main theme throughout this shoot as they strongly represent how this trend embraces optimism, team spirit and global appeal; Through a new generation of women who no longer accept the term ‘menswear inspired’ and claim  sportswear on their own terms. Typically, football shirts are seen as a mans garment but this shoot proves that a woman can wear workwear how she likes and still be a style icon. We choose to use a contrasting background as it represents the colour palette of this trend, through an array of saturated mid tones. 


Both of the studio photoshoots took on the direction and theme we choose for them, which was a huge success. Though being able to expand on and practice my styling, creative direction, photography and photoshop skills. I now have the confidence to continue with the development of my individual set of skills and proceed with more photoshoots specifically in how to show interpretation through images.