I have found the process of making a website straightforward, at first I struggled as I have never created a website before. My portfolio page was the biggest hurdle as I was not sure how to layout my work, I didn't want it to look untidy. Therefore I choose to use a slideshow to showcase each project, through this I input a link which takes the reader to the specific project. 


Another problem I encountered was making the black home page align with all the other grey pages as each page needs a different colour font in order for them to be show up. 

When creating my footer I was not able to change the colour on each page, without every page changing with it. Which lead me to remove the header and footer on the home page and create a version of them to replace it, using the colour white. 


The navigation of each page is very clear for the reader as there are buttons throughout.  Technical skills I have gained through building a website include graphic design which I used for the development of my website, time management and detailed planning. I have also been able to develop my adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator skills making me proficient in this area.  As for how the appearance of my website reflects my professional self, it is bold and confident. The theme of my CV coincides to my website showing my personal brand.