Workshop 1

In workshop 1 we were given a group task to make a video based on a Missguided winter campaign. Missguided is one of the few brands that tell us to embrace what the industry perceives as “flaws”.  Rather than promoting an idealised look, the brands aim is to encourage their audience to embrace their differences. As a group we planned the video, from where we were going to shoot, to what the model was going to wear. Upon successfully getting enough footage, we began to edit the material choosing which scenes were best and what music would pair well and represent Missguided at the same time. We were all very impressed with the video we created as none of us had ever made a video or used final cut pro software before. Due to the fact we kept the misguided brand aim in mind when editing the video, we were able to showcase the ‘Embrace Your Flaws’ campaign slogan throughout the short film as the model, being myself was not airbrushed or edited.  As it was for a winter campaign we did not grasp this concept enough as the clothes we choose for the shoot were not to this specification. I thoroughly enjoyed making the video from start to finish and now know basic skills of videography which I will take away and develop.